iRyno Earloop 3 Layered Face Masks - 50 Pcs

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The iRyno Earloop Face Masks are non-medical face masks designed to help you protect against germs and virus. Made with 3 layers of protection, each one designed to prevent different particles to go in or out of the mask:

  • Outer layer: Hydrophobic non-woven layer – protects from dust, oil and water
  • Middle layer: Melt-blown filter – protects against >95% virus and germs
  • Inner layer: Soft absorbent non-woven layer – absorbs breath mist

The iRyno disposable earloop masks have 2 latex-free dual elastic straps that help keep the mask in place while allowing you to breath easily and speak normally.

How to use the masks?

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water before touching the mask
  2. Put the mask on your face from the bridge of the nose down to the jaw
  3. Lightly press along the nose piece for a good fit
  4. Hang the elastic straps over both ears
  5. Adjust the mask to cover from the bridge of the nose to the jaw