The Easiest & Fastest Way to Make Your Own Flashcards with MEMOBIRD


The Easiest & Fastest Way to Make Your Own Flashcards

If you're looking for a flashcard maker with pictures or a flash card maker app to make your own flashcards, you've come to the right place! Using Memobird small internet-enabled printer you can print pictures, text, even your own doodle right from your phone wirelessly. Because of Memobird's small size and tear-off edge for easy paper tear-off, you don't need to spend times to cut your flashcards. Simply print and tear it off. And voila! You've got a waterproof flashcard!

Let me show you how to create flashcards with Memobird printer. Let's say you want to create an ABC flashcards for your kids. I will show you 2 ways to create it.

Option 1: Design your flashcards and print!

1. Open Memobird app

Here's where to download the app.



2. Find the picture you want to put on your flashcard

After you arrive at the homepage, you won't see the "Web" icon, therefore you need to scroll the icon bar to the left to see the "Web" icon.



3. Crop the picture




4. Add the text for your flashcard



5. Preview your flashcard, then print it



Option 2: Use printable flashcards and print!

1. Insert the printable flashcard picture



2. Preview your flashcard, then print it



This is how your flashcards look like, simply tear it and done!

TIPS: Make your flashcards more durable by glue it to harder papers. Also, you can let your kids color it to make it their own special flashcards.

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